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For children there’s nothing more magical than the excitement of a birthday party.  As a parent, you’ll want to ensure it all goes smoothly and everyone has a great time.

Children’s birthday parties have evolved since you were little and if you want it to more than just fairy bread and musical chairs, you’ll need to get planning.

Nowadays there’s plenty to think about and lots of great options to choose from.

Get it right with our top 5 kids party planning tips:

#1. Get organised early

Without doubt the key to success and far less stress is to have everything planned out. Getting organised is easier than you think – simply split your planning into sections:

6 Weeks Before The Date.

The sooner you decide on a venue and date the better. Kid's schedules are usually packed and parents can struggle to fit everything in. Especially if they have a few little ones running around.

Avoid clashes with public holidays and major local events, unless you give people plenty of adva nce notice.

Next, you need to choose who to invite. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Stick to a simple guest list and avoid offending people by only inviting your child’s actual friends. (A good way of picking can be the ones that you’ve actually met!)

4 Weeks Before The Date.

Send out invitations and ask for a prompt RSVP.

It might be best to email invites directly to parents and avoid any confusion with kids passing on messages.

Be prescriptive. Make sure that all parents are fully aware of exactly what's happening and ask around to see which parents would like to help out on the day.

Ask parents to let you know anything which may affect their child’s participation in the day’s activities. And make sure any food allergies are flagged and can be catered for.

If you’re holding your kid's party outside of your home, keep in contact with your venue and let them know any changes you may need to make as early as possible.

3 Weeks Before The Date.

Prepare an itinerary. Write down all important information and times.

If you need to, send out extra information to other parents in the form of a reminder. If everyone knows what should be happening it will help make sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

2 Weeks Before The Date.

Get shopping for decorations and all the extras needed for the party. A good party planning tip is always have a little extra to make sure you don't run out of anything, and children’s parties are no different. Make sure you get extra goodies for party bags, just in case extra kids show up or someone brings their brother or sister along.

1 Week Before The Date.

Check in with all parents. Ensure they know what’s going on and confirm everything with the venue if you haven’t already done so.

Don’t panic if something changes at this stage - it's much easier to deal with these things a week in advance than it is on the actual day.

1 Day Before The Date.

Prepare your kid for their party! Let them know everything that’s happening and ask them if they need any help with anything.

Make sure they’re not too overwhelmed or too hyper. Including them in the planning from an early stage can help spread out the excitement.

#2. Pick A Theme

It's much easier to organise a kid’s party if there’s a theme to work with. It’s simpler to decide on decorations, food, gifts and allows the children to focus on something and get excited about.

All kids have something that they really love for example Mario kart, so planning a party based on that cartoon or hobby will let them really look forward to it!

#3. Find An Easy Venue

The right venue can make or break any party. For kids parties, it's especially important to find a venue that caters for kids.

Remember - kids like to run around and play. Don't pick a venue that can’t cope with a loud and rowdy bunch of children.

Some venues offer kids birthday packages. This can be a great way to save time and avoid the stress of planning.

They’ll also be able to give you a schedule and help decide on activities. Experienced staff can really make a difference to the smooth running and enjoyment of the day.

#4. Keep The Kids Entertained

Unlike adults, kids aren’t content with just mingling and catching up with friends over nibbles.

Kids need constant entertainment, so the best advice is to pick a venue which has lots of things for them to do.

(A go-karting party gives the kids something to focus on, involves all the children and is exciting because it’s not something they get to do every day.)

#5. Don't Forget To Say Thanks!

Birthday parties are a great time to enhance your child’s manners and etiquette. Get them involved in choosing gifts for party bags, and make sure they write thank you notes for all of the presents they received.

You can also teach your child the importance of sharing by encouraging them to show their friends their new presents and to let them play with their things.

If you’re planning on opening presents on the day, create a designated time to do it so your child appreciates the gift giving and doesn't just go crazy!

Above all else, make sure it’s fun!

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