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Logan Law Sprint Series

V8 Racing Simulator Parties

V8 Supercars - WRC Rally - Formula 1

Room hire available for private functions at $135 per hour. Ideal for 3 to 10 people and guarenteed to provide hours of fun and friendly rivalry.

What Makes the V8 Race Simulators so Special?

Experience real racing experiences whilst driving one of the full bodied Holden or commodore race cars. There are 4 race simulators in the party room which are available for individuals and group hire. You can race the clock or set up a championship and have group races.

The V8 simulator racing is as real as it gets with split second lap times and plenty of on track action to sort the men from the boys. All 4 cars are linked so you can see the competition on your screen which makes the racing so much more exciting as you muscle those 600hp V8 race cars around the track.

Race your mates in these high tech racing simulators and enjoy the ultimate boys party.

These racing simulators are used by many V8 Super Car drivers to hone their skills and accomplished drivers like Chaz Mostert, Jamie Whincup, Shane Van Gisbergen and Craig Lowndes have all spent many hours racing their simulators to get to know the tracks prior to big races. You will be immersed in to a virtual reality world of the racing super stars.

Step in to the cockpit of our race simulators and take control of these 600hp monsters because our V8 Simulators are as real as it gets with authentic racing action including:

Motion Feed Back: The driver experiences all acceleration, braking and cornering action as you move top Gear around the circuit

Dolby Surround Sound: Full surround sound in the cabin of a V8 race car with every vibration felt through the body of the car

Great Vision: Full High definition screens are installed into the windscreen of each car offering drivers the most realistic race experience.

Real Simulation:   The simulators record Panel damage, tyre wear, and offer personal setups for the experienced drivers

Virtual Reality VR: These simulators offer the very latest VR simulation and it will put right in the middle of the race pack as the desend down mountain straight and Bathurst

Experience the latest in Simulator racing, there is nothing better than being able to experience full surround sound, every bump and grind whilst sitting in a real car with Recaro seats and Momo steering wheel. Its as real as it gets! 

Just  image your sitting in a real race car in a real race situation..Start the engine and idle out of the pits then feel the Acceleration as you gently squeeze the throttle coming out on to the straight then it is hard on the brakes as you experience the deceleration and braking forces as you thunder in to the hairpin. Lift the wheels as you clip the Ripple strip and drive hard and fast to the checked flag.

It's as real as it gets.

RACE YOUR MATES - Famous Tracks and Top Teams

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FREE MEMBERSHIP for groups of 5 or more (save $5.50 per person)
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